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Per community request, these are metrics about code commits and activity.

Public github here:

There is a "#github-commits" channel in public Discord with a bot that shares commits on most public channels.

There are private repos that the dev team is working on.



These numbers are provided because they were asked by community members. Such metrics are absolutely not meant to measure development success or quality or direction.

What matters is working product that the community can publicly verify.

  • LOC (lines of code) does not equate to progress, more codes does not mean more work, numbers can be gamed. It could be more effort to correct 5 complex algorithm lines than 1000 lines of "plumbing code"... and obviously generated code can throw off numbers. Same for copying and pasting code, re-writing code instead of using an existing 3rd party library, etc... Often times less code is better (less technical debit).
  • Same concepts for number of commits. There could be high code churn, but development is going in circles instead of moving closer to the goal, "trial and error" of many small config changes, many small commits instead of a big commit, etc...

These are metrics across many repos, including private repos. Some of these repos are config/infrastructure, some are proof-of-concept, some are production applications.

Commit Data

Date Last N Days Distinct Repos Master Branch Count Master Branch Commits Distinct Branches Total Commits
12/12/2019 21 17 11 130 52 622
12/26/2019 21 17 11 113 52 683
1/31/2020 35 16 11 102 43 622