PoP Miner CommandLine 0.4.9

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See: Main_Page, HowTo_run_PoP_Miner_0.4.9



Command Syntax Description Example
clear clear Clears the console screen
exit and quit exit and quit Both commands may be used interchangeably and gracefully shut down the application. Exiting the application with these two commands is the best way to ensure spvchain and wallet files do not become corrupted.
exportbitcoinkeys exportbitcoinkeys Dumps the Bitcoin private keys used by the wallet to a text file in Bitcoin WIF format. This is useful for consolidating many wallets.
getoperation getoperation <id> Displays the state of an operation by looking up the specified id. getoperation 2ec784e6
getpopendorsementinfo getpopendorsementinfo Displays information regarding PoP endorsements for the miner's address.
help help [command] Lists the available commands. If a specific command is passed as an argument, displays more detailed information about that command.
importwallet importwallet <seedWords> [creationTime] Imports a Bitcoin wallet using a BIP39 seed phrase. Seed words are 12 words, separated by commas, with no spaces. The creation time is an optional parameter but is useful for speeding up the time it takes to download the necessary blocks for the wallet. importwallet identify,weapon,advice,siege,parrot,aisle,together,flavor,stand,final,clerk,tuna 1539613463
listconfig listconfig Lists the current configuration properties and values
listoperations listoperations List the current running operations
lockwallet lockwallet "Locks" the NodeCore wallet. If the NodeCore wallet has been encrypted, this will return the wallet to a locked state. While the NodeCore wallet is locked, you will be unable to create PoP transactions!
mine mine [blockNumber] Starts a Proof-of-Proof mining operation. blockNumber is an optional integer indicating a specific block height for which to fetch publication data from NodeCore.

This requires a NodeCore instance to be running and the embedded Bitcoin wallet to be sufficiently funded.

resetwallet resetwallet Resets the Bitcoin wallet, marking it for resync.
resubmit resubmit <id> Resubmits an operation resubmit 2ec784e6
setconfig setconfig <key> <value> Sets the configuration property specified by the key argument to the value on the configuration file, please remember that this command can't be used to change the configuration values at runtime, any change made with the setconfig command will require a restart. setconfig vpm.bitcoin.feePerKB 30000
getautomine getautomine Gets the current automine config
setautomine setautomine <round> <value> Sets the current automine config (changed at runtime) setautomine 4 true
getmaxfee getmaxfee Gets the current BTC max fee config
setmaxfee setmaxfee <value> Sets the current BTC max fee config (changed at runtime) setmaxfee 50000
getfeeperkb getfeeperkb <value> Gets the current BTC fee/KB config
setfeeperkb setfeeperkb <value> Sets the current BTC fee/KB (changed at runtime) setfeeperkb 30000
showbitcoinaddress showbitcoinaddress Displays the current address for receiving Bitcoin
showbitcoinbalance showbitcoinbalance Displays the current available, spendable balance in the embedded Bitcoin wallet.
showmineraddress showbitcoinbalance Displays the default address from the connected NodeCore instance. This is the miner address that will receive a reward.
showrecentbitcoinfees showrecentbitcoinfees Displays the average transaction fee per byte for the most recent Bitcoin block.
unlockwallet unlockwallet <passphrase> "Unlocks" the NodeCore wallet using the supplied passphrase. If the NodeCore wallet has been encrypted, this will unlock the wallet allowing the use of the wallet's private keys for actions like creating PoP transactions. While the NodeCore wallet is locked, you will be unable to create PoP transactions!
viewrecentrewards viewrecentrewards Show's the miner's paid (or expected, for payouts that have not occurred yet) rewards for endorsements of the last 750 VeriBlock blocks.
withdrawbitcointoaddress withdrawbitcointoaddress <address> <amount> Withdraws amount of Bitcoin from the PoP BTC wallet and sends it to address. amount is expressed as a decimal, e.g 0.01 representing 0.01 BTC. The same transaction fee per kb as used by mining transactions will be used for this transaction as well. withdrawbitcointoaddress bc1qlq5a0wsmat0vlanug32ax68wsr0a764w6wl7e3 0.01
restart restart Restart the application