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General questions

Where is the Roadmap?

The VeriBlock project roadmap can be found here:

When can vBTC go to MainNet?

[UPDATE] vBTC (renamed as BTCSQ) went MainNet on Dec 9, 2021. See: BTCSQ

vBTC is the reference implementation for PoP on the Bitcoin code base. It is currently in TestNet.

The roadmap for vBTC to MainNet is here:

It primarily needs further testing of edge cases, and some final science before being MainNet-ready.

When Will Early-Adopter-Altchains go to MainNet?

We're glad to partner with our early adopter coins. Ideally an altchain only goes to MainNet once the software is properly hardened. In this case it is encouraged for altchains to let BTCSQ (formerly codenamed 'vBTC') flesh out the bugs and reusable framework first, and then leverage that hardened code for their own MainNet.

Practically, besides their own community testing cycle, and altchain would need the following to be ready for MainNet:

  • BTCSQ to be MainNet ready
  • Incentived testing from larger-market cap coins to flesh out shared framework. As much of the framework is shared, large test volume from big market-cap coins will benefit early adopter coins.
  • Final vBFI science for MainNet

What is Dev Team working on next after BTCSQ MainNet?

The high-level roadmap is here:

This includes what one would expect: improve core functionality, add altchains, improve the ecosystem, etc...

To be more specific, there are currently two main workstreams: (1) vAIF - all the core things like robustivity for BTCSQ, APM, usability, etc... Always make it better. (2) Altchains (which use and benefit from vAIF)

More detail: (1) Per vAIF, See: VAIF, and development work:

Several current projects include:

  • Improve BTCSQ (the reference implementation) robustivity (such as block finalization, or new bugs discovered)
  • Document the forking process end-to-end such that anyone can easily fork
  • Improve usability (such as MSI installers for APM, SPV)
  • Improve ABFI robustivity and documentation
  • Exchange support (document, provide tech integration questions)

(2) Per Altchains, there are 3 categories:

  • Small market cap existing coins who want to go to mainnet
  • Small market cap new coins who would fork from BTCSQ. If a coin forks BTCSQ, they get pop out-of-the-box. Team is working on documentation so anyone could easily do this.
  • Large market cap - i.e. vBCH, vDOGE, vETC...

A pipeline of altchains is here: