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Altchain PoP Miner install and run instructions


The Proof-of-Proof (PoP) consensus protocol enables a security inheriting blockchain (any Altchain) to inherit the complete proof-of-work of a security providing blockchain (VeriBlock). For a deeper understanding of the PoP consensus protocol, please refer to the PoP White Paper.

A PoP miner serves as the communication and transactional bridge between the mined Altchain and the VeriBlock blockchain. As often as they wish, a PoP miner will take the most recent blockchain state data from the Altchain, along with an identification of the miner, and publish it to the VeriBlock blockchain via a PoP transaction with the embedded data. The PoP miner then waits for the transaction to be included in a VeriBlock block and also proven in the Bitcoin blockchain (through the process of VeriBlock PoP Mining).

PoP mining is a competitive endeavor in which miners compete to have their endorsement of the Altchain state included in the earliest possible VeriBlock block.

Getting Started

  • Download the latest NodeCore software suite from the VeriBlock Github repository and extract the contents of the package.
  • Follow the instructions at NodeCore QuickStart to start a local instance of NodeCore. For Altchain PoP mining to be successful, the local NodeCore instance must be fully synced with the VeriBlock network.
  • From the veriblock-alt-pop-{version}/bin folder, run the application:
    • WINDOWS: Run veriblock-alt-pop.bat
    • LINUX/MAC: Run veriblock-alt-pop. NOTE: If you are having trouble running nodecore-apm on Linux, you may need to make nodecore-apmexecutable: chmod a+x veriblock-alt-pop
  • On first execution of the application, a lightweight VeriBlock wallet will be created.

The Altchain PoP miner communicates with NodeCore to maintain the internal wallet. A connection to NodeCore is always required.

In order to start mining you have to send VBK coin funds to the created wallet.


Right now there are no real Altchains integrated with APM. However, we have created a virtual altchain for testing purposes

  • To begin a mining operation for the test alchain, type 'mine test' and press ENTER

Once we start having more plugins ready, Every single APM instance will be able to perform mining operations on multiple different chains.


The Altchain PoP miner provides several commands:

  • help: Lists all the commands
  • clear: Clears the screen
  • quit: Stops the application
  • listconfig: Lists the current config values
  • setconfig <key> <value>: Sets a config value
  • mine <chain> [block]: Begins a proof of proof mining operation for the given chain
  • listoperations: Lists the currently running mining operations
  • getoperation <id>: Supplies the details of the operation matching the given id
  • getoperationvtb <id>: Supplies the VTB details of the operation matching the given id
  • getbalance: Gets the coin balance for the VeriBlock address