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Bounties are to help the community and make the ecosystem better.

See Discord for logistics details. See: Social_Links

Open Bounties

Write Demo GRPC Client for Python or Node.js

NodeCore has a grpc API.

We would like to add a sample for python and node.js to help the community developers.

This should at least show how to call common NodeCore grpc commands, including utilities to display addresses (Base58 encoded string), VBK amounts (convert from atomic long to formatted string with 8 decimals), and transactions/hashes (Hex).

There is a sample C# client:

Code would be hosted here:

TestNet Faucet

VeriBlock has a TestNet.

We would like to provide a testnet faucet. This would have the standard features one expects from a faucet.


Bounty amount TBD.

This has also been added to wiki:

In progress

There is active community work on these already, so you may want to pick a different bounty.

Fast Vanity Address Generator

With the open sourcing of VeriBlock utilities, we want to make a faster vanity address generator.

VeriBlock utilities here:

Bounty amount TBD, we will be generous and fair. There are also many people in the community who will be appreciative.

Criteria: 1. Must be open-sourced on github. 2. Judges for functional use and speed listed on Discord.

This is intended as a fun and engaging community project.

If multiple submissions, we will look at first-come and quality. Ultimately we will try to do the right thing.

FYI, we had released a previous generator that wrapped the java code, but it could be made much faster: