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Common questions from telegram


Launch Questions

When will MainNet be available

The details are being worked on.


Is miner CPU or GPU

Yes, there is both a CPU and GPU: HowTo_run_PoW_Miner

However given the GPU is much much faster for PoW mining... CPU users encouraged to PoP mine instead of PoW mine.

What algorithm do you use?

vBlake, which is a custom version of BLAKE2b we created.

Is it ASIC resistant?

Is is intentionally not ASIC resistant (although there are not any ASICs yet since it's a new algorithm).

How to get started

Where to get software

Download the software on github:

Can I mine the coin now?

Yes, but we currently only have testnet. See: Mining_Sunrise_Phase


How long does it take to get a block?

About 30 seconds. See: PoW_vs_PoP_Mining

Is VeriBlock a fork of some other similar-sounding coin (Veri___)

No. VeriBlock is a brand new coin.

Can I upload my log file somewhere?

Yes, create a new issue on There is a file-size limit enforced by github, but you should be able to attach log files.