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The VeriBlock Wallet GUI provides a way to control your wallets through a very simple interface.

Guiwallet 1.png

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  • A local NodeCore instance (or access to a remote one)
  • Java 13 or later, such as OpenJDK 14 from You should choose version OpenJDK 14 (Latest) using the HotSpot JVM.


  • Send transactions
  • View transactions
  • My Addresses
    • Add nicknames to an address
    • Set default address
  • Backup and Import wallet

General capabilities

  • Manage multiple addresses
  • Set a language
  • Copy any cell from a grid (Transactions, Addresses)
  • Manage the nodecore connection state (cannot connect, syncing, connected...)


How do I import a wallet?

Goto the backup tab, which has both backup and import functions.

Then specify the wallet folder and click the "Import" button. This wraps the same command as available in NodeCore_CommandLine#importwallet

How can I add a new language?

Reach out on Discord/telegram for more details.