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See: Getting_Started



One wallet can contain multiple addresses. Each address has a balance of coins.

PoP Mining and PoW Mining both require an address.

Wallet Applications


See: HowTo_run_SPV


Disclaimer: This is a 3rd party wallet provider

See direct ZelCore:

Also see quick guide: Get_Address


See: Offline_Wallet_CLI

Full Node

See: NodeCore_CommandLine

Create an address

Make an offline address without running a full node

Example: PoW Mining - send your rewards to an address

Just run the makeaddress tool here:

This address can later be imported into NodeCore via the importwallet command. NodeCore_CommandLine#importwallet

Make an address from a full node

NodeCore will create an address by default. If you install a full node, you can view this via getinfo or getbalance.


Common wallet tasks

How to view my wallet

Option 1: Use the command line: NodeCore_CommandLine

Option 2: Use the GUI Wallet: GUI_Wallet

How to encrypt my wallet

See: Wallet_Encryption

How to backup my wallet

The GUI_Wallet has a tab for backup/import.

The NC_CLI offers many backup/import related commands


How to create a vanity address

One could script the NC_CLI or grpc "getnewaddress" command/api - or one could simply use the makeaddress tool.

In a command-line shell, run the makeaddress program (makeaddress.bat on Windows) with additional command-line options.

#Example: Create an address, searching on 8 threads, that starts with 'Abc', like VAbc...
makeaddress Abc true 8

#creates an address like so: