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See: HowTo_PoP_vBTC, Altchain_PoP_Miner

PHL is currently in the Beta release phase, so please expect some bugs.


Placeholders implemented VeriBlock's Proof-of-Proof technology which allow users to earn PHL while spending VBK to secure the Placeholders blockchain.

Note: Currently in the testnet phase, so all coins are for testing purposes only and have no value, prior to mainnet implementation.

Windows Quick Start

  • 1. Download PHL Daemon and APM Package ->
  • 2. Start PHL Daemon by double clicking run.bat within the Placeholders-develop-<version> folder.
  • 3. Wait for Sync.
  • 4. Generate a new PHL address.
  • 5. Copy PHL testnet address into the application.conf file for payout rewards inside the altchain-pop-miner-<version->/bin/ folder..
  • 6. Start APM by running altchain-pop-miner.bat
  • 7. Use VeriBlock testnet faucet at to fund your PoP miner wallet.

With the default configuration files provided, PoP mining is auto-enabled on all rounds and rewards should appear after 50 confirmations.





GitHub Repository