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See: HowTo_PoP_vBTC, Altchain_PoP_Miner, Altchain_List, PoP_PHL_Roadmap

PHL is currently in the Beta release phase, so bugs are expected.

APM Successful Operation
PoP Mining Rewards


See: PoP_PHL_Roadmap

Placeholders has implemented VeriBlock's Proof-of-Proof technology, which allows users to earn testnet PHL while spending tVBK to secure the Placeholders blockchain.

Note: Currently in the testnet phase, so all coins are for testing purposes only and have no value, prior to mainnet implementation.

Useful links




Windows Quick Start

  1. Download PHL Daemon and APM Package -> HowTo_PoP_PHL#Get_Package
  2. You will need to run download_testnet_bootstrap. bat to download all the blocks.
  3. Go to /bin folder and run nodecore.bat then wait for sync.
  4. Start PHL Daemon by double clicking start-placeh-qt.bat within the Placeholders-develop-<version> folder.
  5. Wait for Sync.
  6. Generate a new PHL address clicking on recive and create new address.
  7. Copy PHL testnet address into the application.conf file for payout rewards inside the altchain-pop-miner-<version->/bin/ folder..
  8. Start APM by running altchain-pop-miner.bat.
  9. Use VeriBlock testnet faucet at to fund your PoP miner wallet.

With the default configuration files provided, PoP mining is auto-enabled on all rounds and rewards should appear after 50 confirmations.

Run without full node

To be able to run without full node you must follow the same steps before but on the application.conf file you should disable connectDirectlyTo line , you can do it on linux by adding # at the start of the line. Will be easier to get started, but may not be as robust as full node. Also if face any issues, use full node instead.

{ ...
  network: testnet
  feePerByte: 1000
  maxFee: 10000000
  mock: false
  api.port: 8080
# connectDirectlyTo: ["localhost"]
securityInheriting {

Run with full node (more robust)

To be able to run it with full node you only need to follow the stepps from .

Running it with full node will be more robust and stable but will take some more time to download blocks and sync them.

What it should look like

You should see PHL rewards from pop mining after about X blocks (about N hours). Your PHL reward address should increase.

You should see an end-to-end transaction in APM like so:

> getoperation phl72701b75
Operation workflow:
DONE      1. START                           Created APM operation id: phl72701b75
DONE      2. RETRIEVE_MINING_INSTRUCTION     Endorsed PHL block height: 14010
DONE      3. SUBMIT_ENDORSEMENT_TRANSACTION  tVBK endorsement transaction id: 629BF9393AD7EE4020C5FAD0B6E7F27588AFF2B6EA20BCBE582B78997F4901FA (fee: 0.00252000, fee per byte: 1000)
DONE      5. DETERMINE_BLOCK_OF_PROOF        tVBK Block of Proof: 0000000AAA198318CEB98030588824875A46A776DE927AB2 @ 2388243
DONE      6. PROVE_ENDORSEMENT_TRANSACTION   Merkle path has been verified
DONE      7. SUBMIT_POP_TRANSACTION          ATV: 5DD7B36A8F3BC0219361EA34AED79207607FD9CAEAB114CF57A24EBC1823E6E1 submitted to PHL!
CURRENT   8. DETECT_PAYOUT                   Waiting for ATV to be mined in a block...
          9. COMPLETED                        



See PHL transactions on VeriBlock network:

Vbk phl explorer.png


Pop phl explorer.png

GitHub Repository


Please submit issues to:
- GitHub:
- Discord "#altchain-pop-mining" channel: