List of mining pools

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See: How_to_Mine_VeriBlock, HowTo_run_and_connect_to_PoW_Miner_pool, List_of_mining_pools_testnet, List_of_mining_pools_vBlake


Join a VeriBlock PoW Mining Pool!

See: HowTo_run_and_connect_to_PoW_Miner_pool

To add your pool to this list, post a message on Discord:

DISCLAIMER: These are external community-hosted nodecore instances. They are not official bootstrapping nodes. This list may change at any time. The IPs listed below are not guaranteed to be up.

VeriBlock may occasionally run a tool for testing and reference purposes - but we strongly encourage folks to use the community pools!

See Community resources for pool-related tools: Community_Resource_Contributions


Join to add your pool.

Also consider:

Miner Connects to Location of IP Url for webpage Comment VarDiff Support France LuckyPool No Europe Initial Dev GPU Pool Yes Canada Big Shoots Yes Germany reb0rn Yes Spain Tato Yes
stratum+tcp:// Netherlands Sander Vale Yes Germany ZycorX Yes