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See: Main_Page, MainNet_Launch_NodeCore_QuickStart, MainNet_Launch_Overview


This is an FAQ page for MainNet launch. It is a summary of public information already posted on Discord.

We'd encourage people to join Discord ( for the latest information.

Summary Information

  • Final TestNet Block Height = 472000 (projected March 3rd)
  • MainNet Launch Date = Monday, March 25 at 10am EDT (2pm UTC) (updated from March 15)

Future details will be announced.

TestNet Sunset balances reflected on MainNet

All TestNet balances up to block 472,000 (accrued through Mining Sunrise, High Noon, and Sunset) will be doubled, reflected 1:2.

A balance of 1000 on TestNet Sunset will be reflected as 2000 on MainNet.

One can see balances on the TestNet block explorer:

Total Supply of 2.1B remains the same.


Posted on March 13th on Discord --> Launch date moved to March 25th.

Posted March 1st on Discord:

Final Block
  "finalTestNetBlockHeight": 472000,
  "mainNetLaunchDate": 1552658400

How can I prepare for MainNet?

Join Discord to get the latest news

Check your balance on the block explorer<your_address>

If your balance is what you expect --> great.

If your balance is different than what you'd expect --> reach out on the forums.

Ensure that you can re-import your wallet

If you can re-import your wallet on testnet, then you'll be able to import it on MainNet.

Always have a backup of your wallet.dat! If it is password protected, then make you you have the password.

Here is a 5-minute test:

  1. Make sure you have the latest NodeCore version (0.3.12 or greater)
  2. Stop your local nodecore instance
  3. Restart nodecore (it will automatically create a new wallet)
  4. Can you import your wallet and see the balance?

Prepare to re-adjust your mining

For PoW Mining, coins will be reflected up until the last testnet block. Therefore after that block, you'll probably want to point your miners elsewhere until MainNet starts

For PoP Mining, given there is a 500-block delay for rewards to be paid out, you'll probably want to stop PoP mining at lastBlockHeight-500, or 471500. For example if you PoP at block 47199 - the reward is past the final block height and won't be reflected.


Are the reflected addresses from the TestNet going to be the same on the MainNet


Re-import your private keys from TestNet.

Can I still mine?

Technically yes. However no new blocks are being reflected onto MainNet, so most people aren't mining right now.

How to run 472000 from TestNet Sunset?

If you wanted to run an isolated node with the latest 472000 testnet blockchain and the 0.3.12+ NodeCore:

Download last bootstrap file:

See: NodeCore Bootstrap File for more details on the bootstrap file.

Modify, set peer count to 0 (not getting new blocks, so don't need any peers):


Treat this like read-only mode. Don't expect transactions to be propagated across the network.

In the NC_CLI, run getstateinfo, and it will look like so:

"network_height": 472081,
"local_blockchain_height": 472081,

You could also run getbalance or getinfo.