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ANNOUNCEMENT: Mining Sunset: NodeCore Testing Successfully Completed; Now Readies For MainNet Launch

We'd like to congratulate our community on their incredible participation in TestNet so far. A lot has happened over the last several months, and our community has played a major role in making the platform more robust and stable.

So far, our community members have run over 1000 full nodes across 350 cities in 50 countries, and performed over 1 million PoP transactions on Bitcoin mainnet. Community feedback has helped stabilize the network, with many nodes now crossing 2 months of uptime. We've had 6 community pools, several significant community code contributions, nearly 9000 Telegram members, and 1 MW of PoW mining power.

We will keep this static wiki page updated with the latest news:

Thank you.


Team VeriBlock


Is it still possible to mine?


As we're winding down TestNet, all balances will still be reflected in MainNet. We will be announcing the final TestNet blockheight soon. We'd encourage everyone to continue mining.