NodeCore 0.4.11 ReleaseNotes

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See: ReleaseNotes

This minor release mainly addresses issues that came with the 0.4.10 release: the vProgPoW milestone.

See how to upgrade NodeCore: NodeCore_Operations#Update_NodeCore


Performance has been the main issue with vProgPoW. While the nodes and PoP miners don't need to compute millions of hashes they still need to hash every block. Our CPU version of vProgPoW was not performing very well, which drastically affected the responsiveness of the software.

  • The performance of our vProgPoW CPU hashing library has been increased approximately twenty fold. This will decrease the performance loss NodeCore, the PoP miners and SPV had.
  • NodeCore's P2P code has been optimized so that it does not have to load and hash full blocks when only their headers are requested by peers.
  • Wallet locking/unlocking has been optimized for large wallet files.


  • Reduced the amount of logs when the pool is enabled. They can now be found at the DEBUG level.
  • Improved transaction mempool so that dangling transactions (due to incorrect signature index) are properly handled.
  • Added configurations for the transaction mempool: "" and "mempool.transaction.size.limit.bytes"


See: HowTo_run_SPV

  • General improvements in code speed and reliability.
  • Configurability has been improved. Now SPV can be configured to connect directly to the desired peers.
  • Balance changes are now being notified.
  • After the optimizations vProgPoW is still heavier to compute than vBlake, and in some use cases we will want SPV to take less than 2 hours to load the blockchain. We are working on an elegant solution to that, but for the time being we have added a provisional configuration to prevent it from hashing the blocks, trusting the bootstrap nodes (disabled by default).

In order to have more details about SPV and how to run and configure it, please visit: HowTo_run_SPV

NOTE: The configuration format has changed, so make sure to update your SPV configuration files: HowTo_run_SPV#Configuration

VeriBlock PoP Miner

  • One of the timeouts of mining operations has been loosened. Now operations will be less likely to fail/timeout due to a bad internet connection.
  • Fixed fee per byte calculation for Segwit transactions.