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See: NodeCore_Operations, NodeCore_Bootstrap_File, TestNet

See: More details HowTo_run_NodeCore


NodeCore should run on any OS that supports Java 1.8 (Linux, Windows, Mac...) NodeCore is currently supported on Java versions 8 - 14.

NodeCore is the full node daemon for VeriBlock. Because many common tasks require NodeCore, it should be as easy to get started as possible.

You need NodeCore for You do NOT need NodeCore for
  • Sending coins
  • Creating an address for mining
  • Using a client like the NC_CLI or GUI Wallet
  • Hosting a pool
  • Viewing your address or transactions on the web explorer
  • GPU Mining

NodeCore has basic hardware needs that most machines will have. It will require disk space to store the full node (say 60GB and growing). See exact details here: NodeCore_Operations

How to Install

For LINUX (Ubuntu & CentOS)

Besides checking hardware requirements and ensuring necessary software is installed (like Java), the script will automatically:

  1. Get the latest NodeCore software, reading from this url:
  2. Get the latest Bootstrap block files (you could sync from scratch, but it will be *much* faster to download the bootstrap files)
  3. Run "nodecore" in a screen using the ~/VeriBlock data directory


Option 1: Run single automated script. This prompts the correct version of Java, runs the bootstrap downloader, and then kicks off NodeCore and the CLI.


Option 2: Run the manual windows steps:

  1. Ensure the correct software installed from here: NodeCore_Operations#Windows (this is standard software, and may already exist)
  2. Get the latest package either from, or download the link from the API:
    2. Get the corresponding link for nodecore_all_zip, such as
  3. Run bootstrapfile_zip --> (See: Bootstrap_Downloader for more details)
    1. Reminder that the bootstrap block files are not needed - you could sync from scratch - but it will be much faster to sync using the latest bootstrap files
  4. Run nodecore-0.X.X\bin\nodecore.bat
    1. Note: you could also run "start.bat", which kicks off the NodeCore_CLI, and run the "startnodecore" command. Both ways do the same thing.

NOTE - If mainnet folder already exists and you're updating to the more up-to-date bootstrap block files, all other files other than your wallet.dat file should be deleted from the mainnet folder (i.e. delete nodecore.dat, nodecore.dat-shm, nodecore-dat-wal, poolwallet.dat, tcache2.csh, wallet.csh-shm, wallet.csh-wal). The only files in the mainnet folder should be the new bootstrap file nodecore.dat, blocks/ folder, and your wallet file wallet.dat prior to starting nodecore.

For Mac

There is not yet a one-stop install script, so the above steps will need to be done manually.

Basically, follow the install steps listed above for Windows, namely ensure your system has the software specs (Java), download NodeCore (and optionally the bootstrap file), and execute the bin\nodecore script.

See: HowTo_run_NodeCore for more details

What Success Looks like

A "nodecore" process should be running,

Your NodeCore instance should have created files:

Nodecore quickstart1b.png

You could run either the NC_CLI or GUI Wallet and connect. For example, click "start.bat" (windows) or "start" (linux) to run the NC_CLI:

  1. connect "connect"
  2. run getstateinfo

You should see something like so, i.e. a JSON response showing relevant info like the local height and network height:

Nodecore quickstart2.png

What Next?

View your wallet

Note that NodeCore creates a new wallet/address by default. If you run getinfo in the NC_CLI, you'll see the default address (NodeCore_CommandLine#getinfo).

  1. In the NodeCore suite: "veriblock-nodecore-all-0.X.XX", run "start" (linux) or "start.bat" (windows)
  2. connect to your running instance of NodeCore, such as typing "connect"
  3. type "getinfo"
  4. By default, a new wallet address is created, and it will have zero balance

If this is a new install (bin\mainnet folder is empty), then the NC_CLI should be able to connect to NodeCore within about 10 seconds - i.e. it does not need to fully sync.

If restarting NodeCore (bin\mainnet folder has a nodecore.dat file), then it must sync before NC_CLI can connect.


#returns info for a specific command
rpc ( > {
  "payload": {
    "default_address": {
      "address": "VazUQm9TaPmbhTWEi6FYUUPp28Eynq",
      "amount": 187457753607875

You can also use an offline wallet: Offline Wallet CLI

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