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Eventually the entire NodeCore Suite will be fully open sourced (i.e. what has been available on

In the meantime, various parts, as well as supporting code examples, are being gradually open sourced.

  • GRPC - includes examples how to call the GRPC api, which is essentially anything from the NC_CLI
  • PoP_Miner_API - how to call
  • NodeCore_HTTP_API - how to call, analogous to GRPC api

NodeCore Suite


  • nodecore-grpc --> see GRPC for client examples and pre-compiled outputs for popular languages.
  • nodecore-ucp --> mining commands.
  • veriblock-core --> common utilities like working with VBK addresses, encoding, transactions, etc...
  • nodecore-miners-pow --> reference implementation
  • nodecore-miners-pop
  • nodecore-cli

Other parts, like the NodeCore service itself, are on the roadmap to be added to this repo and therefore open-sourced.

Other Code

Also open sourced:

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