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VeriBlock is creating a PoP reference implementation of Ethereum (Classic). The codename is 'vETC'. This forks golang ETC.

Similar to vBTC, there will also be an end-to-end public TestNet for PoP-ing Ethereum.

See: https://wiki.veriblock.org/index.php/HowTo_PoP_vBTC for a reference on PoP-mining vBTC.

As ETH/ETC is a different family, consensus, and language, it is an engineering accomplishment for the PoP protocol to be flexible enough to handle it.

The reusability of NodeCore, the APM, and the library, along with a working prototype in vBTC and other altchains, have been big stepping stones to building vETC.

Roadmap to public TestNet

Currently vETC is in development and there are several tests and bug fixes before it can support a public TestNet.

  • [DONE] Add golang bindings for reusable C++ library
  • [DONE] Update daemon to support pop
    • Feature development...
  • [DONE] Update APM to handle new Ethereum family (ETC)
  • [DONE] Run e2e pop TX on a single node -> BIG MILESTONE
  • [DONE] Fix p2p sync issues -> resolved 2 of 2
  • [DONE] Fix all pop integration tests -> resolved 14 of 15
  • [DONE] Add web explorer
  • [IN-PROGRESS] Internally test multiple APM on multiple nodes
  • [ ] Release public TestNet!


What date is public TestNet?

Exact date TBD. Roadmap steps must be completed first.

What language is the daemon?


Can I use the same APM?

Yes, a single APM (Altchain PoP Miner) can pop multiple coins. There is an updated version of the APM with an Ethereum family plugin.

What does a PoP transaction on ETC look like?

Similar to other pop transactions:

Example on VBK TestNet:


VETC pop v1.png