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The VeriBlock Altchain Integration Factory (VAIF) is a set of components to make it easy as possible for altchains to obtain PoP Security by integrating with VeriBlock.

For a new altchain to add pop security, there are several components they would need. These are non-trivial to build. For example, an Altchain PoP Miner, a C++ library to juggle the data structures needed for pop calculations, operations in the NodeCore network to juggle data structures, etc...

In theory, each altchain could write these components themselves. While that may be faster for the individual altchain, it would be much slower overall.

The VeriBlock team created such a set of reusable components, and ran it on live end-to-end altchains for both Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Over 90% of what an altchain needs to add pop security is reusable.

Vaif overview.png

The process for adding new altchains includes:

  1. Github code reference implementation per family with a PR showing the delta
  2. Running demo environment to see that reference implementation in action,
  3. Documentation to show the steps involved,
  4. Trained developer team to assist with onboarding.

General background


  • Altchain PoP Miner --> see: Altchain_PoP_Miner
  • Bitcoin-based reference implementation - BTCSQ
  • Shared C++ Library
  • VeriBlock Security Network - NodeCore
  • Altchain vBFI
  • Live Demo of pop protection - see:
  • Documentation
  • Team and Community Support