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BitCash is currently in the Beta release phase, so bugs are expected.

APM Successful Operation
PoP Mining Rewards


BitCash has implemented VeriBlock's Proof-of-Proof technology, which allows users to earn testnet BITC while spending tVBK to secure the BitCash blockchain.

Note: Currently in the testnet phase, so all coins are for testing purposes only and have no value, prior to mainnet implementation.

Windows Quick Start

  1. Download BitCash Daemon and APM Package ->
  2. Start BitCash Daemon by double clicking start-bitcash-qt.bat within the BITC-master-<version> folder.
  3. Click "No" when the pop up asks if you'd like to update.
  4. Wait for sync.
  5. Copy BitCash testnet address into the application.conf file for payout rewards inside the altchain-pop-miner-<version->/bin/ folder.
  6. Start APM by running altchain-pop-miner.bat.
  7. Use VeriBlock TestNet faucet at to fund your PoP miner wallet.

With the default configuration files provided, PoP mining is auto-enabled on all rounds and rewards should appear after 50 confirmations.


See BitCash transactions on VeriBlock network:




GitHub Repository


Please submit issues to:
- GitHub:
- Discord "#altchain-pop-mining" channel: