HowTo connect NC CLI to remote NodeCore instance

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See: NodeCore Networking,

To connect to a remote instance of NodeCore, you'll need to provide IP for a whitelist, and a possible password in the remote NodeCore's configuration, if the configuration does not allow for your IP (or a set of IPs including your IP).

IP Whitelist

You will need to provide your IP Address (IPv4, such as or a set of IPs including your IP to the whitelist.

Security Mode: ServerTLS

See: NodeCore_Networking#Passwords for certificate setup background.

You can use a CA from either a decentralized (self-signed certificate) or centralized (Thawte, VeriSign, etc...) source.

If using TLS, then add the https:// protocol and optionally a password.

(no connection) > connect https://localhost:10500 [password]

The host name (localhost in the above example) needs to match the common name (CN) of your server certificate.

The above example will only work if your NodeCore instance is using a certificate generated from a trusted certificate authority (Thawte, VeriSign, etc...).

If you are using a self-signed certificate or one generated from a untrusted/internal CA, you will need to configure the cli so it knows where to load your root CA cert from.

By default, the cli looks for a file named ca.crt in its working directory. To override this behavior, add the following property to your file: = /path/to/ca.crt


If a password is set up, then supply the appropriate password. See your file for the configured password. It is recommended to only use a password with a secured TLS connection (see above)

(no connection) > connect <peer> [password]