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See: MainNet_Launch_FAQ

This page provides technical details to run products (like the GPU Miner or NodeCore or a Pool) quickly after launch. It assumes prior knowledge of running each product.

This has all been public knowledge previously mentioned on Discord (

More details will be provided as we get closer to launch (and at launch).

Prior to MainNet

  • Read everything here: MainNet_Launch_FAQ
  • NodeCore package will be released at launch (not before)
    • To install NodeCore as fast as possible, you'll want to be able to have been able to run 0.3.12 NodeCore from TestNet, as it will ensure your machine has everything configured. See: NodeCore_QuickStart

Differences to expect with MainNet


  • NodeCore now connecting on Port 10500 (not 10501) and 7500 (not 7501). See NodeCore_Networking
  • Units say "VBK" instead of tVBK
  • nodecore.dat is now in "bin/mainnet" instead of "/bin/testnet"
  • Previous nodecore.dat files from TestNet (and bootstrap files) are irrelevant for MainNet
  • Explore url: will be provided

Pool stats page will indicate "MainNet"

PoP Miners

  • A prior 0.3.12 PoP Miner is able to integrate with the new 0.4.0 NodeCore, but you will want to update the file with the property
nodecore.rpc.port = 10500
  • If upgrading to 0.4.0 PoP Miner software, you can move a previous bitcoin-pop.wallet.


  • Connect with 10500 (not 10501)
  • getstateinfo shows network_version=MainNet

How do I run each product at Launch?


Very Easy:

  1. Get the software (The previous GPU software will still work!)
  2. Point it to a pool (still same port 8501), ensure the pool says "MainNet". List of pools will be here: List_of_mining_pools

Mainnet pool 1.png

Pool Admins

  1. Get latest software
  2. Start pool (still same port 8500). Use the same set of instructions as what worked in testnet: HowTo_run_and_connect_to_PoW_Miner_pool
    1. Your pool stats page should indicate "MainNet"
  3. Share your pool on the Discord channel:, it can be published on List_of_mining_pools

Blockchain will restart at block 0, so there won't be any need to sync or move a folder.

PoP Miners

  1. Get latest software
  2. Have BTC ready to send to your pop address --> or just move your old 0.3.12 wallet "bitcoin-pop.wallet" if you want BTC pre-populated
  3. Run NodeCore and PoP Miner
  4. Start PoPing!

GUI Wallet

  1. Get latest software
  2. This by default will connect to port 10500 (not 10501)
  3. This by default will store data in a new folder "nodecore-wallet-ui-0.4", such that old testnet data will not conflict. If you previously ran the GUI Wallet then you will need to re-create your settings.
    1. You could copy your old settings over, they are probably in a "\Users\--\nodecore-wallet-ui" folder... but then you'll need to update them, such as the port in "" to point to 10500 (MainNet)
  4. Run it!

Web Dashboard

There will be a block explorer