NodeCore 0.4.12 ReleaseNotes

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See: ReleaseNotes

See how to upgrade NodeCore: NodeCore_Operations#Update_NodeCore

Download here:

Altchain PoP Miner

See: Altchain_PoP_Miner

  • APM's API now has more endpoints to interact with. For a full reference, visit Altchain_PoP_Miner#API.
  • Auto mining with fast block times has been fixed.
  • Improved VTB and VBK submission mechanism so that it is more reliable.
  • Implemented VTB context gap recovery system.
  • Improved clarity of error messages and logs.
  • Added configurable basic authentication for the API.
  • Implemented dumpprivatekey, importprivatekey, importwallet and backupwallet shell commands. For more information, use the help command or visit Altchain_PoP_Miner#Shell.


Created a web user interface for the APM, so that monitoring and interacting with it is more comfortable. It will be hosted on http://localhost:8080 by default.


  • Fixed JVM compatibility issues caused by one of the last Java updates.
  • PoP endorsements that contain BTC blocks already known by NodeCore will be rejected.
  • Improved clarity of some error messages in the CLI.


See: HowTo_run_SPV

  • Fixed an issue where newly created addresses could be lost* on restart. *(needed to be re-imported manually)
  • Fixed an issue where SPV did not discover peers besides those it was configured to connect to.
  • Improved SPV's behavior when creating many transactions continuously: these transactions will be rejected less often by full nodes.

VeriBlock PoP Miner

  • Upgraded Bitcoinj library version.
  • Added configurable basic authentication for the API.
  • Adjusted fee per KB formula to work more accurately with segwit transactions. In order to translate your currently configured fee values, divide them by 0.713043478 (they should become slightly higher).


  • Highly decreased Bootstrap Downloader's memory usage.