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See: NodeCore_QuickStart, HowTo_run_NodeCore

Starting with version 0.4.8, the bootstrap file is obsolete. Use Bootstrap_Downloader instead.


Syncing NodeCore from scratch could take a long time. While this is always an option, sometimes people may want a faster way.

There is a bootstrap file, which provides this nodecore.dat file.

The latest bootstrap is available from:

This includes checksums for the zip/tar files, as well as the unzipped nodecore.dat file itself:

  "bootstrapfile_zip":  "",
  "bootstrapfile_tar":  "",
  "bootstrapfile_zip_checksum":  "26f217aa7dc91e14e61dbf9ba085b515",
  "bootstrapfile_tar_checksum":  "d7283707364f923161ce1ccbf2aaab88",
  "bootstrapfile_nodecoredat_checksum":  "2bc879b95bc2be3f893f47f61686fa18",

How to use the bootstrap file

  1. Download it
  2. Unzip it (this provides a "nodecore.dat" file, which will be several GB)
  3. Place it in the "nodecore\bin\mainnet" folder.
    1. If the "mainnet" folder does not exist, then create it.
    2. If the "mainnet" folder does exist, then ensure it is empty except for the wallet files. For example existing "nodecore.dat-shm" or "nodecore.dat-wal" could cause a conflict.
  4. Start NodeCore
    1. Wait a few minutes for NodeCore to load

End result will be the file "nodecore\bin\mainnet\nodecore.dat", and NC_CLI getstateinfo will show the network_height and local_blockchain_height at least match the bootstrap file height.


The API also provides the corresponding checksum via md5sum. Run md5sum against the downloaded file (or the unzipped nodecore.dat file), and it should match the checksum in the API.

md5sum nodecore-bootstrap-XXXXX.tar.gz
40bff676ed8a07cf7a260a7af69abe7f  nodecore-bootstrap-XXXXX.tar.gz