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We are currently creating a VeriBlock StackExchange.

Recall there are several steps to create a stack exchange site. The first step is the "definition phase" where enough followers join and questions get asked.

The proposal is currently in DEFINITION stage

Do these steps

Goto the page

To join, please click here:

Log in

StackExchange 1.png

Follow the community

The next step requires 60 followings, so be sure to click "Follow".

StackExchange 2.png

Add a question

The next step requires at least 40 questions (submitted from multiple different people)... so add a new helpful question!

StackExchange 4.png

Upvote other questions you'd find helpful

The next step requires 40 more questions with a score of 10 or more... so don't just follow, upvote questions you'd fine helpful!

StackExchange 3.png

What should it look like?

Success looks like so:

  1. You show up as a follower
  2. When you sort by "my votes", you'll see 5 red arrows for questions you upvoted.

StackExchange Success.png

And if you click on your profile, you should see questions asked and upvotes made:

StackExchange 7a.png