BTCSQ PoP QuickStart

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See: BTCSQ, PoW_Pools_BTCSQ, HowTo run NiceHash for BTCSQ

Here is a quick guide how to start POP-mining.

Download Package:

Extract zip


3. Go to -folder.

4. Run download_mainnet_bootstrap.bat . Downloading takes 1-3 hours depending on your bandwidth.

5. When the download is complete, Go to\bin and run nodecore.bat

6. Let Nodecore sync. When it's synced you should have local block number the same as network block number.

7. Let Nodecore run on the background background.

BTCSQ -wallet

8. Go to \BTCSQ-master-734a3a0-win64\BTCSQ-master-734a3a0 -folder.

9. Run start-btcsq-qt.bat


10. Go to BTCSQ-master-734a3a0-win64\\bin .

11. Edit application.conf

- feePerByte: 1000     *Higher the value the better chance you have to do successful  POP-minin. Total transaction fee is calculated following way = 256 x fee per byte, In example 256 x 1000= 0.00256 vbk.

- autoMineRounds: [4] Default setting only mines round 4, which is every 20th block. I use [1,2,3,4] See - for more setup info.

round4 = every 20th block, i.e. keystone (highest reward) round1 = 1,4,7,10,13,16,19 round2 = 2,5,8,11,14,17 round3 = 3,6,9,12,15,18

PayoutAddress: "INSERT PAYOUT ADDRESS" .* Get your payout address from BTCSQ wallet.*

id: 252980111103 *Leave this as it is. *

12. Run altchain-pop-miner.bat. You will see VBK-address displayed on the screen. Same address can also be found in mainnet.vbkwallet -file which you can open in Notepad after the first run.

13. Fund VBK address, minimum is 10vbk. Go to and buy VBK. Another option is to OTC trade. You can also GPU mine VBK.

14. That's it, you are now POP-mining!

Special thanks to Chuck N. Discord user for creating this QuickStart guide.