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All bounties shall be deemed from the Foundation


Bounty process: Active discussion on Discord.

Ping `@Overcooked Panda#8702` in Discord

Amount TBD.


Explorer that shows address balances

Current BTCSQ explorer is based on Janoside. This has several modifications to show pop transactions/

Source code here:

Deployed instance here:

This does not have an ETL, and does not show address balances, rich list, etc...

Phase 1: Just show address balance and standard BTC metrics. In this case, someone would use both explorers: the existing one for pop-information, and the new one for BTC metrics (like address balances).

But, of course a single explorer website is ideal, so:

Phase 2: Also show PoP information and BFI score (like what the Janoside explorer has).

  • ABFI field:

Abfi explorer.png

PoP data on block and tx page

PoP-related columns

  • N(ATV)
  • N(VTB)
  • N(VBK)

Light wallet

Currently BTCSQ has the QT wallet. Source code here:

Would like a lightweight wallet.

Should show address balance.

Should also show vBFI score on a transaction page (like the QT version does). Note that Altchain vBFI (aka "ABFI") is decentralized and anyone can host a service (like a PoW mining pool). The lightweight wallet could call the same API as the pool.

The transaction page can show the BFI status:

Abfi qt tx.png

Note that this can be configured to whichever service you would like (such as pointing to your own decentralized instance). Go to "Options", and select the new "vBFI" tab.

Abfi qt config.png