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See: Roadmap_FAQ

Launch Questions

When did VeriBlock Launch?

See: MainNet_Launch_FAQ


Is miner CPU or GPU

VeriBlock uses vProgPow, which is essentially a GPU algo. See: HowTo_PoW_Mine_VeriBlock

What algorithm do you use?

VeriBlock uses vProgPow. See: ProgPow

Originally it used vBlake, which is a custom version of BLAKE2b.

Can I mine VBK with my laptop?

Yes, you can PoP from laptop. See: HowTo_run_PoP_Miner

How to get started

Where to get software

See: Getting_Started

Download the software on github:


How long does it take to get a block?

About 30 seconds. See: PoW_vs_PoP_Mining

Is VeriBlock a fork of some other similar-sounding coin (Veri___)

No. VeriBlock is a brand new coin. NodeCore is written in Kotlin/Java.

Can I upload my log file somewhere?

Yes, create a new issue on There is a file-size limit enforced by github, but you should be able to attach log files.

Does VBK have master nodes?

No. VeriBlock is fully decentralized, and no node has any influence over consensus based on any form of staking. You could download a full node here: NodeCore_QuickStart, or SPV here: HowTo_run_SPV