How to list BTCSQ on an exchange

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BTCSQ (Bitcoin Squared) is a decentralized blockchain and any exchange can list the coin.

Standard Information

Most exchanges will need basic information, usually collected in a form:

Details on MainNet launch: MainNet_Launch_Overview

Common Fields

Question Answer
Name of Coin Bitcoin Squared
Coin trading symbol BTCSQ
Project official website
Logo for coin See:
MainNet Launch date Dec 9, 2021
Latest version of project whitepaper (May 13, 2019) - based on PoP
Link to sourcecode
What country is the project based in? Cayman Islands
Official blockchain explorer
CoinMarketCap link TBD
Asset Type Coin
Is the token an ERC20? No
Is there a ledger or "rich list"? -
Maximum Supply 21M
Divisibility 8 Decimal Places (0.00000001 BTCSQ)
Token Type Native blockchain
Forked from another coin? BTC
How many token holders do you have Open blockchain. As of 1 week after mainnet launch there are over 500 addresses
Which industry does your project belong to Infrastructure utility coin for all industries


Question Answer
Short Description A Bitcoin-based altchain secured against 51% attacks by Bitcoin via VeriBlock
Key Feature 1 Bitcoin-Level Double-Spend Protection: Transactions have the same security as transactions on Bitcoin itself after vBFI confirmation count is met.
Key Feature 2 Early Attack Detection: Bitcoin Finality Indicator (vBFI) metrics describe the security of a particular transaction at any point in time.
Key Feature 3 Lightweight ("CPU") Mining: Proof-of-Proof mining can be performed with minimal hardware requirements (a PoP miner could even run on a phone or Raspberry Pi).

Social Media

This is initially a project incubated by VeriBlock Labs (and therefore uses VeriBlock’s social channels).

Site Url
BTC Talk Announcement

Technical Setup

BTCSQ is a fork of Bitcoin, and therefore is run with standard BTC operations.



What is the emissions curve?

See: BTCSQ_Emissions

What is BTCSQ's Utility?

Being directly forked from Bitcoin, BTCSQ has all the features of BTC, plus the fully Decentralized, Trustless, Transparent, and Permissionless ("DTTP") inheritance of Bitcoin's PoW security using VeriBlock's PoP consensus protocol, which introduces a new form of lightweight mining. This contributes to making Bitcoin more green by amortizing Bitcoin's hashing power over orders of magnitude more transactions than it processes natively. BTCSQ is also cheaper cryptographic notary than BTC due to lower transaction fees while maintaining the same immutability guarantees.

As more blockchains adopt VeriBlock for security, they continually contribute to fortifying and improving the entire ecosystem of VeriBlock-secured blockchains.

Blockchains forked from BTCSQ which do not use the VeriBlock security network must give 10% of their total emissions to BTCSQ holders.

Does BTCSQ Contain a Premine?

No, the genesis block only contains BTCSQ reflected from the incentivized testnet period, mined using publicly available software, just like a normal fair launch.

The public incentivized testnet phase ran from September 13th to December 7th, 2021, during which approximately 439,923 BTCSQ were mined.