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VeriBlock is an end-to-end MainNet functional altchain. The main website is here:

Below are some interesting statistics about activity on the project.


About 1% to 4% of the transactions on the Bitcoin block are VeriBlock PoP transactions. ->

In the first 3 years of VeriBlock MainNet (Mar 25, 2019 to Mar 25, 2022), over 16 million Bitcoin transactions were from PoP.

Pop percent 2.png

VeriBlock vProgPoW has had many different pools, according to

Vbk pools 1.png

Altchain PoP Mining for the first pop-secured altchain (BTCSQ, the reference implementation), has about 1M pop transactions a month.

Vbk alt activity 1.png


VeriBlock Github is highly active, usually with multiple commits a day from multiple developers. There is a channel in Discord showing github commits.

As of March 2022, there are about 40 public repositories.

The wiki is updated multiple times per week ->


Continual news updates and press releases ->

Vbk news 1.png

Monthly status updates ->

Vbk roadmap 1.png


VeriBlock is a tier1 technology with a large ecosystem: VeriBlock_Ecosystem

The VeriBlock daemon (NodeCore) is 100% custom to be most optimized for PoP. It is written in Kotlin/Java, and not forked from Bitcoin.

The NodeCore Suite secures altchains to Bitcoin via PoP mining. This requires several additional custom components beyond a normal altchain ecosystem:

  1. PoP Mining
    1. VeriBlock PoP Miner (via NodeCore) -> this has put 16 million transactions on Bitcoin
    2. PoP Subsidies - PoP_Subsidies
  2. vBFI - VeriBlock Bitcoin Finality Indicator -
  3. vAIF - VeriBlock Altchain Integration Factory - VAIF is a set of components to make it easy as possible for altchains to obtain PoP Security by integrating with VeriBlock.

vAIF is a very technical challenge, as not only does one need to create an altchain, they also must abstract out much of that complexity to make it reusable to add other altchains. vAIF has several custom reusable components, including:

Vaif overview.png

Altchain Adoption

A pipeline of public altchain adoption is on github: